Ballina Great Managers

How would you feel if your organisation was in the TOP 3 when ranked against your peers?  (Hint: Like Ballina Shire Council).

No doubt you would feel pretty good. Moreover, I imagine your role would become a whole lot easier (and more fun) if your organisation was ranked higher than it is now.

The truth is, no matter where you are ranked, Great Managers can help you improve.

Just like we helped Ballina Shire Council. They achieved an extraordinary improvement to their Insync survey results in only two years.

Insync is the largest Australian-owned survey, research and consulting firm and measures employee engagement in many large organisations, including NSW Local Government.

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All Local Government Councils (NSW) Employee Opinion Survey – Weighted Performance Index

ballina shire council

Case Study – Ballina Shire Council

Ballina Shire Council participated in an in-depth staff survey in 2015 where they were assessed against other councils. They were disappointed with their results and knew that there was some important work to do in terms of improving their workplace culture and employee engagement.

They also knew that their leadership team, at all levels, was the key to success in changing those results, and were looking for an innovative, accessible and affordable solution; something that would build skills AND change the ‘numbers’ in their business.

ballina shire council

Image Source: NSW Electoral Commission

Having had an experience of the Great Managers Academy through a ROC pilot group, Ballina chose this program as the preferred development solution for all their managers due to its ability to significantly improve employee engagement and leadership capability in a way that sticks; and it has paid off!

Their 2017 Insync Survey re-test tells a very different story.

Ballina Shire Council has achieved extraordinary cultural change in a relatively short period of time.

When benchmarked on a weighted performance index against other local government organisations in NSW they have moved from being the fourth lowest council in 2015 to the third highest in 2017.

Their leadership and safety scores have increased considerably along with a number of other important measures.

Ballina Joins Byron in the League of Progressive Councils

Ballina’s results are a great follow-up to the recent Byron Shire Council Case Study, who also dramatically improved their employee engagement and leadership capability survey results.

As a quick recap of the fantastic outcomes outlined in Byron Shire Council’s report, over two years (2014-2016), staff engagement survey questions:

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Byron Shire Council as a place to workImproved 25.1%

I would gladly recommend Byron Shire Council as a good place to workImproved 20.8%

My Manager sets a good exampleImproved 28.4%

Final Note

More and more Progressive organisations are implementing the Great Managers Academy and achieving similar transformational results.

By partnering with a trusted expert who takes the long-term view on leadership development and genuinely cares about your success, you too can be rated as a leader amongst your peers.


“…The Great Managers Academy is an excellent and innovative program to help managers understand how their daily interactions can impact on people, both positively and negatively. This is the first course I have seen where you actually deal with, in a realistic sense, the way people act, feel, your presence, the words you use etc.

The Great Managers Academy provides realistic examples of the actions and initiatives you can undertake to improve your own performance as a manager that will ultimately result in a more productive, engaged and satisfied workforce.”
Paul Hickey
General Manager – Ballina Shire Council