More and more, progressive organisations are implementing a leadership development solution called the Great Managers® Academy.  Like Byron Shire Council did.

Byron Shire Council knew that increasing leadership capability is no longer be about relying on seminar or event style training.

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More organisations are turning away from seminar and event-style training


Because it makes very little difference in terms of behavioural and cultural change and rarely gives any long-term return on your investment.

As little as 10% of this learning is retained, and even less applied.

When the leadership capability in your organisation is low, you begin to see it show up in any number of ways, from;

• Poor Employee engagement
• Low Productivity (eg. projects taking much longer than they need to)
• High Absenteeism or Grievances or Industrial Issues
• High Staff Turnover (particularly with your newer staff)


Case Study – How Byron Shire Council Improved Leadership Capability & Employee Engagement

After surveying their staff in 2014, Byron Shire Council found not only did they have low employee engagement levels, they also found the main issues cited for these results were poor quality leadership and workplace culture.

To resolve this Byron Shire Council began looking for a way to equip their managers with the skills they needed to turn this around.

BSC chose the Great Managers Academy as their preferred development solution for their managers due to the accessibility and longevity of the program and our focus on tangible results and return on investment.byron shire council

They were also looking for something innovative, contemporary and accessible, with minimal down time. The fact that the Great Managers Academy utilised the 70:20:10 approach was also of great interest to them.


Over two years (2014-2016), Byron Shire Council’s staff engagement survey questions:

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Byron Shire Council as a place to workImproved 25.1%

I would gladly recommend Byron Shire Council as a good place to workImproved 20.8%

My Manager sets a good exampleImproved 28.4%

Final Note

By partnering with Great Managers, Byron Shire Council were able to significantly improve employee engagement and leadership capability in a short space of time!

If your organisation could benefit from improvements like this, contact us today for a no obligation discussion about how we can help.


“…we have had more unsolicited requests from staff wanting to participate in future rounds of Great Managers® than we have had for any other training….”

Shannon McKelvey
Executive Manager Organisational Development
Byron Shire Council