In May 2016, NSW Premier Mike Baird announced a council merge he called:

“The most comprehensive local government reform in more than 100 years.”

The Baird Government created 19 new “super councils” across NSW and Sydney as a result of the council merge with plans for more pending the outcome of legal action by the strongly opposed.

Mayors and hundreds of Councillors were sacked, replaced by administrators and critics have called the whole process “deeply flawed” and accused the State Government of having a hidden agenda.

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December 2015 Graduation of Tweed and Ballina Shire Councils

It’s often difficult to see the positive during this sort of media frenzy so we wanted to share a Great Managers® success story involving a different type of council merge!

Recently a regional initiative between Tweed Shire Council & Ballina Shire Council saw the formation of a combined cohort of participants in the Great Managers Program from which they successfully graduated at the end of last year. This success lead to a subsequent combined cohort this year of HR Managers from Byron Shire Council, Ballina, and Clarence Valley Council as well as County Council, Rous Water.

Whilst these councils survived Baird’s amalgamations, we’re so proud of the way these councils have come together and committed to their development and look forward to seeing the positive impact these managers will have on their teams!

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