A Great Managers Springboard Surprise Graduation Presentation

It’s not every day a participant in a training program delivers a poem at their graduation…

Well last month, that happened for us at the graduation day for the NSW Department of Education’s Great Managers Springboard group.

It was time for the group of around 40 team leaders & managers to get into their cohorts and discuss their key learnings from 6 months in the Great Managers Springboard program.

Each cohort presented back to the larger group and WOW!

We were expecting short speeches, we got a video presentation and we heard a poem from Cohort#6, written by Kaylene Ainsworth.

I was so proud, I had to share!

The Great Managers Springboard Program

Leadership skills are NOT just Senior Management’s responsibility.great managers springboard,academy,springboard,training,team,supervisor,leader,emerging,aspiring


They also help your Supervisors, Team Leaders & aspiring leaders to manage themselves effectively, deal with a broad range of people and get better results.

Great Managers Springboard has been specifically designed to provide the Personal & Team Leadership skills that will enable them to become proactive contributors to making your organisation a great place to work!

Get in touch today if your organisation could benefit from this kind of transformational leadership program.


great managers springboard program,great managers springboard,academy,springboard,training,team,supervisor,leader,emerging,aspiring,graduatesPoem Transcription

Cohort 6 was the place to be
We set our goals and learnt the Mantra’s 3
Which are succinct and strong and help the program gel
Its all about results, value your energy and do the front end well.

It started with Self Awareness at the core
Understanding our types and styles and so much more
If we can stay calm under pressure, manage our emotions and thoughts
We can become resilient and resourceful leaders from nought

The second core element is management of Self
Gives us tools like S+T=R, SCARF and mindfulness on the shelf
With these skills in hand, it makes it easier to do
Setting expectations, critical conversations and feedback too.

Critical Conversations may be ugly yet required
The power of listening, effective questioning and building rapport are skills to be admired
Planning is essential from opener to end
And if you are in doubt then BEAF is your friend.

Setting clear expectations so everyone knows their role
What is expected of them and their contribution overall
Followed closely by feedback delivered with purpose and sincerity
Will give your people impetus and clarity

Coming together regularly gave us insight
That things in our teams may not be quite right
Gave us the opportunity to share, listen and groan
And now that we have each other – we will never walk alone!

But it doesn’t end here with the skills that we know
We will keep using them and our confidence will grow
Our teams will bond, be productive and merry
So thank you Joe Knagge, Elana and Kerry

Presented by Kaylene Ainsworth & the participants of Cohort 6 (Department of Education ITD)
We delivered Springboard to the Department of Education in partnership with IPAA (NSW Division)