Welcome to Great Managers! A Manager’s role in business is critical. Not because of their output, but because they are responsible for the output of others.

In fact, a Managers effectiveness is usually measured entirely by the work done by others.

So Great Managers are pivotal to the sustainable growth and success of any organisation.

great managers,leadership,training,culture,managementDespite this, Managers too often are promoted to positions of responsibility and leadership for their operational or technical prowess.  For being good at getting tasks done, rather than their skills in Managing People.

Business owners and Entrepreneurs face the same challenges.

They start a business with a specialist skill, or an idea or opportunity, and through determination and drive, their business grows, and they must build a team.

But, commonly through all the busy-ness, they do not prioritise developing their skills in Managing People.  Sound familiar?


For many business owners and managers, the solution is merely struggling through experience. And often (though not always) that experience is very limited OR is influenced by role models and situations that DO NOT lead to the development of Great People Management Skills.great managers,learn,training,management,academy

There is a reason that sports teams don’t always promote the best player to the position of Captain. It’s because the best player is not always the best leader.

In an accounting business, an accountant, for example, is expected to be highly trained and skilful financially.

Their interaction with clients, however, or their promotion to the position of manager or partner, demands that they also have the Interpersonal Skills required to capture the trust and respect of those they advise and lead.

These two competencies require very different skills. Learning the necessary skills though can strengthen both and together these create a powerful combination that elevates a Manager to the realm of a GREAT Manager!

At Great Managers, our focus is on developing your skills as a great manager of people.

Our 7 strategies are designed to focus you on the powerful combinations that work and help you get the results you desire.

We guarantee this by using a ‘building-block’ approach to learning that enables you to build your strengths step by step and apply them in real-time.

If you are a business owner or manager who is responsible for the performance of others and you want to increase your chances of success, then our Great Managers Academy program is perfect for you.

In its latest World of Work report, Randstad found that Leadership is considered by many organisations as the skill that will be MOST CRITICAL to competitiveness five years from now.

Great Managers are great leaders. So to stay ahead of the competition, start developing your people management skills.