This team of leaders completed the Great Managers Academy in late 2014 as the first cohort from the Strongform Group (comprising Formit and BVCI)

Regular readers may remember we posted about the team at Formit who were Great Managers Academy graduates in mid-2015.


Congratulations to Strongform Group!
Recent Great Managers Academy Graduates.



Strongform Group

L to R: Craig Quine, Glen Doherty (Managing Director), Troy Ware, Sandra Wood (Great Managers®), Greg Jeckeln, David Howely.

This senior team worked across multiple locations (Brisbane (QLD), Central Coast (NSW) & Ballarat (VIC)) and multiple businesses making the accessibility of Great Managers® an ideal solution to their training and development needs.

Strongform Group – Case Study

One of the key goals of the program was to improve stock control errors, which had been a persistent challenge in the business.

By looking at this from a Leadership perspective and focussing their developing Great Managers® skills on the problem, the team were able to reduce errors by 19.7% in 6 months, a result they had not been able to achieve in the previous years.

Managing Director, Glen Doherty, had this to say…..

“…Since starting the Great Managers® Academy, I’ve seen some significant changes and a lot of growth in the management team at BVCI.

As a result of better management & control, we have increased productivity, reduced wastage and achieved a 19.7% reduction in stock control errors, which contribute to increased profitability for BVCI.

Our EBITDA is up 20% from last year!leadership,results,self awareness,skills,strongform

The senior management team are much more aware generally – of themselves, of each other and how to lead their teams.

They’re more skilful in having critical conversations with each other and with staff. They now know how to prepare for these conversations, get the outcomes we need and keep relationships intact.

We are getting better results because of that and there is a noticeable improvement in our culture and morale at BVCI.

I am really impressed with the accessibility, convenience and quality of Great Managers® and thrilled about the results that the program has enabled us to achieve.”  

At Great Managers, we link our training and the skills our clients develop with the KPI’s of the business.

We want our partners to see a measurable improvement in the things that are important to them. Great Managers® training is all about results. See more proof that the Academy delivers results here.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Great Managers® Academy can help improve the KPI’s in your business get in touch.


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