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Where Great Organisations Go for

Lasting Behavioural & Cultural Change

Finally! A Proven Program That Gives Managers The Skills To Get Results From People…

Leadership Training can no longer be treated like an “Event” if you want real skill
development and behavioural and cultural change. Great Managers® provides the
7 Essential Skills you need to get the best from your staff

CEOs, Business Owners, HR Professionals, Managers…

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The hardest part of running a successful business is not coming up with new ideas, or keeping customers satisfied.

The hardest part of running a successful business is the challenges that come with your most valuable asset… your people.
You haven’t chosen an easy path in life.

Managing people and maintaining a healthy workplace culture is challenging.

Why make it harder for yourself by walking it alone?

We’re here for you.

We exist to ensure your business gets the results you know it can.

And give you the support you need to build a life, career and business you love.

Because great organisations need great leadership.

And great leadership starts with Great Managers.

Transform Leadership in the Great Managers Academy

What our customers say

“…The team at Great Managers have worked with us to successfully guide our teams through change management processes, significantly improved levels of staff morale, effected long standing behaviour change, shaped our team culture and guided and coached our managers to be true leaders, inspiring great results from those around them….”

Aleisha Davis2014 AIM Manager of the Year - The Shepherd Centre

“…Since starting the Great Managers program in 2013 there is a noticeable improvement in our culture and morale at BVCI and as a result of better management & control we have increased productivity, reduced wastage and achieved a 19.7% reduction in stock control errors, which contribute to increased profitability for BVCI. Our EBITDA is up 20% on last year!….”

Glen DohertyManaging Director - CUBIS Systems

“…The Great Managers Academy is a foundation piece in the leadership program of our organisation. After our managers completed the program we demonstrated, through a culture survey and 360 degree assessment, a significant improvement in the calibre, skills, and impact of our managers. I have no hesitation in recommending the Great Managers Academy to any organisation….”

Vanessa ChanGeneral Manager - Ashfield Council

We Work With Many Leading Organisations…

Activate your Leadership Potential
Great Things Happen

A Great Managers Academy membership gives your management team 12 months unlimited access to industry-leading leadership learning. Weekly video lessons, audio downloads and PDF workbooks are delivered online enabling you to get on with running and building your business while your team transform into great managers.

The Academy contains every practical skill that leaders need to get results as proven by our founder, Sandra Wood’s, 20 years in HR and People Management, developing thousands of leaders at all levels.

You won’t find any other source of proven personal, team and business leadership strategies that have generated more results, maximised profits, and created long-lasting behavioural and cultural change for businesses and organisations across Australia and NZ.

From the face-to-face leadership coaching sessions every 6 weeks, to the 26 online video lessons, audio downloads and workbooks, live monthly mentoring with Sandra Wood and an unlimited access to a library of MasterClasses, your team will have at their disposal everything they need to get results through people and drive your organisation forward.

As a member you’ll get unrestricted access to our MasterClass library packed full of leadership skill extension topics including:

  • How to be More Assertive

  • How to Influence Upwards

  • Networking for Success

  • Building Trust in Teams

  • How To Eliminate Bad Habits

  • Overcoming Perfectionism

  • Creating Your Leadership Brand

  • How to Increase Productivity in 60 seconds

  • Dealing With Defensiveness

  • Motivating and Retaining A Generationally Diverse Workforce

and loads more…..

Plus, You’ll Also Get

Unlimited Email and Phone Support

People-management specialists at your fingertips.

Progress Reports

So you can keep track of your team’s participation in the course.

Regular Coaching Calls

Stay accountable and on track with regular check-ins, ideal for busy managers.

Weekly Action Tasks

Apply new skills in real-time workplace situations to guarantee the learning is sustained.

More than just a Leadership Program

It can be lonely at the top. But it doesn’t have to be.

As part of the Great Managers community of leaders, you and your team will find a place where you truly belong.

We get your challenges, your ambitions and we enjoy seeing everyone succeed in their workplace.

But it doesn’t end at the workplace.

The personal leadership skills you will develop, will significantly benefit you in your home life, in your relationships and with your family.

Become the best version of yourself, both at work and at home, and your life will flourish!

More than Just a Leadership Program,networking

Who the Great Managers Academy is for…

The Great Managers Academy is designed to equip anyone responsible for teams, from senior management and exec, down to supervisory levels, with the strategies and tools needed to activate behavioural & cultural change and drive your business forward.

It’s for your organisation if any of the following resonate with you:

  • You want to eliminate time-wasting
  • You want to boost morale so staff become willing ambassadors
  • Your team can be high-maintenance
  • Your team need to get outside their comfort zone
  • You struggle to retain your best people
  • You refuse to settle for "just ok" performance
  • You‘re sick of paying for expensive training that doesn’t change anything
  • You want more than just theory, you want real, practical, actionable skills
  • Your team lack ownership
  • You‘re tired of fixing other people’s mistakes
  • You can never find the time to focus on your team’s development
  • You want to dramatically reduce unproductive conflict

It’s NOT for you if….

You think a half-day seminar will deliver Behavioural or Cultural change (or provide any ROI)

Whilst half and full day seminars are still commonly practiced, it is proven that less than 10% of the learning is retained.

They are also very costly. There’s the cost of the course itself and the salary cost for loss of productivity when you are not at work for days.

Whilst they may be fun to do, you simply cannot “do leadership” via this method.

All You’re After is a leadership qualification

Competency-based training (common in larger institutes delivering classroom-style workshops) will provide you with a ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’ certification.

We do not believe you can prove leadership competency in a classroom and instead, choose to approach leadership with a Capability-based approach.

You learn a new skill, apply it in your workplace, learn another skill, apply it, etc.

We are all about building new skills, habits and mindsets as this is what creates behavioural and cultural change.

A competency certificate does not.

You’re Not Truly Committed

If you are looking to “tick a box” or spend a budget and you’re not truly committed to improving the culture in your business, we’re not for you.

We partner with our clients and our success is measured by your success, for the long-term.

Your team cannot devote 1 hour per week to becoming a better Leader in your organisation

Managers are busy, we get it.

The Great Managers Academy has been specifically designed for the busy manager. There is no lost productivity or lost time. Online lessons only take 1 hour per week with an additional 2 hour group coaching session every 6 weeks.

What's included in your Great Managers Academy

Imagine a time in the future where, after practicing and applying the skills they’ve learned, you notice your leadership team’s confidence increasing, and their teams are noticing the difference in them.

People are doing what they’re paid to do. Misunderstandings, conflicts and unnecessary errors are a thing of the past.

Imagine a development journey that turns your team into a high-performing, well-oiled machine, focussed on results and success for the organisation.

Well, all of this can be real.

And we’ll use these unique features of the Great Managers Academy to help you get there.

“The Benchmark” in Blended Leadership Learning

That’s how it’s been described by people who’ve assessed our Academy.

And the reason they say that is because the Academy is specifically designed with adult learning, affordability and accessibility in mind.

Lessons are short and learning is done at a time that is convenient for you and your team.

Unlike 2-3 days seminars there is no lost time and learners absorb and apply the information in a way that best suits them. That’s how behavioural and cultural change occurs….steadily over time, not all crammed into a few hours or days.

We take your managers on a journey, one that gives them regular access to an expert who will guide them through everything they need to know to be a better leader!

Interactive Online Training
Facilitated Leadership Fourm

Group Coaching Sessions

These interactive, experiential sessions are called “Leadership Forums” and we hold 7 of them over the duration of the Academy program (2 hours each approx every 6 weeks).

These are held either face-to-face or online.

Online video conference is great for getting managers together when they are in different locations or regional areas.

There is a Leadership Forum at the end of each section or strategy in the program.

In the forums we discuss your team’s learning, do skill building exercises, coach and identify how to measure the impact of the program in your business, so you can see your team’s progress develop.

Coaching & Mentoring MasterClasses

Monthly LIVE Masterclass with our Founder, Managing Director and industry expert on the latest in leadership thinking.

These cover a whole range of short, interesting HOW-TO topics that strengthen you and help you get the best from your team.

PLUS you get access to our library of Masterclass recordings. This really keeps you up to date with the latest in leadership thinking and practice.

Great Managers MasterClass
People Management Support

People-management Specialists at your Fingertips

Engagement is one of our Values at Great Managers so you won’t find support like this anywhere else.

You and your team will receive unlimited phone and email support by our people-management specialists.

There will also be regular accountability calls to check-in and ensure you are on track with your lessons.

Our busy members love this connection with our team and find it really motivates them during times when they might be feeling overwhelmed or falling behind.

What you get in the Great Managers Academy

Hear From Our Members

Nellette Kettle Testimonial
Faye Resigno Testimonial
Alyshia Hansen Testimonial
Andre Vlok

“…The Great Managers program is an excellent and innovative program to help managers understand how their daily interactions can impact on people, both positively and negatively.

The program provides realistic examples of the actions and initiatives you can undertake to improve your own performance as a manager that will ultimately result in a more productive, engaged and satisfied workforce….”

Paul Hickey, General Manager
Ballina Shire Council

Naomi Mitchell Testimonial
Luke Payne Testimonial
Brooke Plichta Testimonial

“…the region recognised that many individuals within local government are promoted or engaged based on technical expertise and that as HR professionals we needed to ensure that support was provided to these critical roles in gaining the leadership skills required to effectively manage, empower, engage and motivate their teams.

The Great Managers program stood out to the Group due to the professional and practical application that this program offered such as its strong focus on emotional intelligence, critical communication skills and tools and identified importance of aligning individual and organisational values….”

Kelly Brown, Manager Risk and Human Resources
Ballina Shire Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee results?

Our training has been proven to deliver results time and time again, with thousands of managers and leaders.

We’re so confident that your team will be better equipped to succeed that we’re happy to REMOVE ALL YOUR RISK.

If you’re not completely satisfied that your organisation is getting value out of your Great Managers Academy membership, just let us know within 60 days of joining and we will refund your money. No Questions asked.

You can even keep ALL of the resources you’ve accessed to that date.

Do you have payment plans?


By negotiation we can offer a monthly payment option plus other flexible terms.

Just let us know what you need and we can discuss

How many people in my business can take part at a time?

For your managers to get the most value from the coaching and support we provide in the Academy, we limit the size of groups to about 13 participants.

We have worked with larger businesses with over 100 managers participating and we simply split the larger group into smaller segments (we call them “cohorts”).

A couple of times a year we open enrolments to individuals from various organisations. We call these groups “combined cohorts” and they are not limited to any particular industry, skill level or role. These are ideal if you only have 1-3 managers who would like to join the Great Managers Academy.

Click here & apply for your free Solution Session and we can discuss the best approach for your team.

Where does the group coaching take place?

We usually hold face-to-face Leadership Forums in-house at your organisation’s location.

Many of our clients prefer this option as it reduces their managers’ time out of the business.

If this option does not suit your business, we can also hold these sessions off-site at a venue near you.

What if I fall behind because of holidays etc?

We understand things come up that can get in the way of your lessons.

Lessons are 1 hour each and can be watched at any time / location convenient to you.

In each 6 week period, there will be 3-4 lessons to complete so there are weeks in which you can easily catch up if necessary.

We schedule the 8 face-to-face coaching sessions over the 12mths in advance so you have plenty of time to arrange your schedule.

You will receive accountability calls from time to time. If there are challenges keeping up, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to support you.

Our goal is that you successfully complete and see significant growth in yourself and your team.

My management team are located in different states. Will this still work for them?

Great Managers operate all over Australia, including regional areas.

But if it’s challenging getting your team in the one room for the face-to-face coaching sessions, we can also easily run these online over GoToMeeting.

The video lessons between these sessions are all accessed via an online membership portal so your team will have no issues accessing wherever they are, as long as they have internet access!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

You want (and deserve) the absolute best return on your investment.
Our training has been proven to deliver time and time again, with thousands of Managers and Leaders across all kinds of organisations.

We’ve helped Managers who are frustrated and stressed out with their People Management role to become confident and competent, using a simple and effective series of skill development modules.

By completing our 12 month Great Managers® Academy program, we’re so confident that your team will be better equipped to succeed as leaders in your business that we’re happy to REMOVE ALL YOUR RISK with these Guarantees…

Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied that your organisation is getting value out of your Great Managers® Academy membership, just let us know within 60 days of joining and we will refund your money.

No Questions asked.

Your participants can even keep ALL of the resources accessed to that date.

So That’s Pretty Fair.

Try It, Risk Free For 60 Days and if It’s not for you…
Money Back, No Questions Asked!

But We’ll Also Do This…

Join Us And We Guarantee Your leadership team will perform better… Or We’ll Work With You Until You Do!

Results Guarantee – Complete the 12 month program, practice and apply the skills and if your team don’t feel better equipped to Manage people and achieve better results as managers, then we will work with them via our Great Managers® MasterClass until they do!

Whatever it takes, we want your team to come away from this course feeling like they are more confident and more competent as Managers, we want you to get a real return on your investment in your organisation and we are willing to do what it takes to make sure you do.

Note – Conditions (Obviously) Apply:
To get a true gauge of the membership value you do need to actually use it. The ONLY thing you have to do is view the lessons and practice the skills we teach. If you can demonstrate you’ve done this and still aren’t satisfied then you can cancel your ongoing membership during your first 60 days. No questions asked.

So make your commitment to yourself and your success and let us help you achieve it.

5 Star Review
5 Star Reviews

How to Find Out More

Truthfully, the Great Managers Academy is not for everyone.

It’s for serious businesses who are ready to achieve serious growth in both their people and their results.

It’s for those who want real, long-term, behavioural and cultural change and recognise that they won’t achieve this via a seminar or a workshop.

It’s for business owners, CEOs, Directors and HR Managers who want to enjoy their roles without the complex challenges of people-management and not just want, but demand, more from their career and life.

Sound Like You? Let’s talk.

Fill in your details below and one of our team will contact you within 48hrs to book in a complimentary, no-obligation, Solution Session.

During the session we’ll;

  • Recommend solutions for the people problems you are facing in your business

  • Provide tools and techniques that you can use in your own situations

  • Assess whether the Great Managers Academy is right for you and your organisation