Overcoming the Struggle of Perfectionism


We live in a world that encourages Perfectionism. Even though we live in an imperfect world there are many who are obsessed with trying to make their lives absolutely perfect. Some people even wear their Perfectionism like a badge of honour! Perfectionism often leads to physical and emotional stress – both personally and organisationally.  Perfectionism…

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How to Maximise your Confidence & Overpower Stress

confidence,stress management,emotional agility

Emotional Agility Emotional Agility is one of the most valuable business skills you can possess. With greater Emotional Agility, you can maximise your confidence, turn negative emotions into positive thoughts and overpower stress! This essential leadership skill is about knowing yourself and developing a greater level of control over your feelings and reactions. With a…

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How to Deal with Defensiveness at Work


  Sometimes the hardest part of managing people, particularly in relation to performance conversations, is Dealing with Defensiveness – the other person’s and your own! However, if you know how to identify Defensiveness and handle it in an effective way before it sets in and takes over, your discussions can be focused on the future,…

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These Leadership Skills are the Key to your Success


Understanding and developing great leadership skills is one of the factors that differentiates highly effective people from those that just plod along in their careers and life. Excellent leadership and management skills will serve you well in building up a successful career and impressing those around you, as well as enabling you to get great…

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How to Keep your High-Performing Brain Active, even under Intense Pressure


Leaders today need to be able to sense and respond to changes in the business environment with actions that are focused, fast and flexible. However, it is extremely challenging to sustain high levels of performance, either personal or organisational, when the pace and disruptiveness of change are relentless. We are living in a VUCA world…

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How To Build Your Confidence as a Manager

confidence,self awareness,strengths

Confidence… Why do some people seem to have it in abundance and others seem to constantly seek it? And just how do you build confidence anyway? How do you increase your confidence and succeed in the volatile and complex world of business!? Well, the way to boost confidence in yourself is, in many ways, the…

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Learned Optimism – Upgrade your Thinking System with a Proven 5-Step Model


Upgrade your Thinking System with the ABCDE Model I’m going to share a proven technique with you to develop your Optimism called The ABCDE Model. The first part of this model (the ABC part) was originally developed by Psychologist Albert Ellis and it’s been added to by Seligman and many other experts. The ABCDE Model…

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Celebrating Success – A Winning Formula to Stop your Talent Drain


The Benefits of Celebrating Success There are so many benefits of celebrating success. Here are just three of them… Celebrating Changes your Physiology and Strengthens your Psychology Celebrating makes you happy. When you celebrate, dopamine and serotonin are released inside your body, and you feel good!  These are the happy brain chemicals, and they’re motivating…

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Meet a Great Leader: Top CEO Shares her Fundamental Must-Do’s for Success

leader of the pack,leadership,success,front line

Meet Kim Anson… A former General Manager of two of Sydney’s most well known Local Government Organisations and now the CEO of Elton Consulting, Kim Anson has had wide ranging experience in getting the best from people across all sectors over her long and successful career. She is a leader who is enormously respected by…

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What the Best Leaders Measure For Success


We know that all businesses measure the things that are important to their success; revenue, growth, profit… yet many overlook the importance of measuring employee engagement. Employee engagement in Australia is at a 6-year low. According to research conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, it found the percentage of employees who identified as being highly…

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