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A Mentor is your shortcut to


“…If I was only armed with this information a number of years ago when I had to deal with poor performance in my team. My life would have been a lot easier.”

Faye RescignoSenior Project Manager - Elton Consulting

…exactly what I need – self-paced, practical information that really hits the mark.
The balance between big picture theory, case studies and the practical tools and tips is just right. And the opportunity for reinforcement through the Q&A webinars is so helpful.
I know I will refer back to this material for many years to come as I continue on my journey to being a great manager.”

Nellette KettleDirector Corporate and Community Services

What is the MasterClass Membership?

A Great Managers MasterClass membership gives you exclusive VIP invites to monthly LIVE training webinars with our Founder and industry expert on the latest in leadership thinking.
The MasterClasses cover a whole range of short, interesting HOW-TO topics that strengthen you and help you get the best from your team.

PLUS you get unlimited access to our ever-growing library of MasterClass recordings. This keeps you up to date with the latest in leadership thinking and practice, usually only shared among the top 1% of leaders in the world!


“how to” Leadership Lessons (and growing every month)


Flexible Access, attend live or learn on your schedule

Invaluable access to industry-leading experts without the price tag


It is ideal for Business Owners, Executives, Managers and Team leaders who want to improve the results they’re getting from their employees and for businesses who want to achieve the positive ripple-effect of Behavioural and Cultural Change within their organisation.

This membership is perfect for the busy manager who may not have the time or resources available to attend seminars, workshops or enrol in courses yet understands the importance of consistent top-ups to their leadership skill-bank.

For the experienced and aspiring Manager alike, from CEO and Managing Director to employees identified as being talent your organisation wants to keep.

Engage your team, build a common leadership language, feel the difference in your organisation.

Who is the MasterClass Membership for?

As a Leadership and People Management Expert, I have helped literally thousands of Managers to increase their ability to get the best from their staff and hence, their business. This program has been proven time and time again and I can guarantee that if you apply what I teach, you will be so far ahead of the game that success will most surely follow.

Sandra Wood

great managers masterclass

It’s NOT for you if…

You are seeking a leadership “qualification”

Competency-based training (common in larger institutes delivering classroom-style workshops) will provide you with a ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’ certification.

We do not believe you can prove leadership competency in a classroom and instead, choose to approach leadership with a Capability-based approach.

You learn a new skill, apply it in your workplace, learn another skill, apply it, etc.
We are all about building new skills, habits and mindsets as this is what creates behavioural and cultural change.
A competency certificate does not.

You cannot spare an hour per month

Managers are busy, we get it. But we want you to be our next success story.

Whilst you are free to choose if you attend the live sessions, and can access the library at any time that suits you… to get the most value from this membership, we highly recommend you attend our webinars live, for an hour each month. That’s it.

great managers masterclass

MASTERCLASS HIGHLIGHT – Building Trust in Teams

Trust is a huge driver of productivity and performance. It is essential in building a High Performing Team.

In this short highlight from a Great Managers MasterClass, we discuss;

1. The foundational Starting Point of all trust in teams

2. Why Self-Awareness and Self-Management are key Leadership competencies for all managers who want to build a high performing team

3. The 5 steps that will allow you to intentionally and deliberately build trust in teams

MASTERCLASS HIGHLIGHT – How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Teams

Emotional Intelligence is a major factor in the levels of success we achieve individually and in teams.

In this short clip taken from a Great Managers MasterClass, we discuss;

1. What is Emotional Intelligence?

2. Why it’s important to develop Emotional Intelligence in teams

3. 5 Steps to help you build an Emotionally Intelligent Team

MASTERCLASS HIGHLIGHT – How To Deal With Defensiveness at Work

Sometimes the hardest part of managing people is Dealing with Defensiveness – the other person’s and your own!

In this short clip taken from a Great Managers MasterClass, Leadership and People Management expert, Sandra Wood explains:

  • How to recognise the different types of Defensiveness (in yourself and others)
  • Understanding the causes of Defensiveness and what is occurring when it sets in
  • Some powerful tips and strategies to deal with Defensiveness in an effective way

When you know better, YOU DO BETTER.

Mara Angelou

great managers masterclass

Sandra Wood

Leadership & People Management Expert

With over 2 decades of experience in HR and management development, Sandra has become the advisor organisations turn to for advice on developing the leadership capability and people management skills within their organisations to improve business performance.
Sandra is an industry-leading facilitator, trainer and coach, and is well-known for her abilities in developing people to get better results.
She has trained thousands of leaders across all sectors and is passionate about helping organisations and people achieve their potential to reach higher levels of performance and satisfaction in their roles.
She is on a mission to fill the world with great managers and believes that the more GREAT Managers there are in the world the better our organisations and economies will perform.


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VIP Monthly MasterClass invites

Training webinars broadcast exclusively for our members, not available to the general public

Monthly Mentoring

Direct Access to an Expert to brainstorm challenges and generate solutions for your organisation.

Learn & connect

With other Great Managers in our growing community of leaders

Extended knowledge

You will be the leader of the pack.

Unlimited Access

To the entire MasterClass library

Audio Downloads

For learning on the go.

Bonus Downloads

Invaluable resources including Workbooks, templates, checklists, all yours to keep!

Phone / Email Support

People-management specialists at your fingertips when you need it most

only $27.00

+GST per month

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How will this membership help me?

Every successful leader has had a Mentor.  Whether it was their manager, a colleague or an external expert in their field.  Finding the ideal Mentor is not always easy, or affordable, and paying for a Mentor or Coach can set you back thousands of dollars a year which makes it out of reach for the majority of managers.  This membership provides a leadership coach & mentor at your fingertips for less than the cost of a cup of coffee every day!

I want everyone in my team or organisation to benefit. Can they all access the MasterClasses?

Ask us about our extremely cost-effective organisational rates to get unlimited access for your team.

Is this membership only for those in senior management positions?

Definitely not.  A MasterClass membership is not only extremely beneficial for anyone leading a team of people but for the aspiring manager alike.  If you’re looking to get more out of your management role and have exclusive access to the latest in industry-leading, practical leadership skills, sign up today!


How long is each lesson?

Each lesson runs for between 30minutes and 1hr (including mentoring session). We deliberately keep them short to
a) eliminate information overload and
b) make it easy for you to learn the skills in bite-sized chunks (the best way to learn)

How do I access the lessons?

When you become a Great Managers® MasterClass Member, you will be issued with a User Name and Password. Simply use these to log in to your online membership portal and access your training and all of your resources. Live sessions are held via GoToWebinar.

I’m not that computer savvy. How technical is the membership site?

Our site is very easy to use. If you can access the Internet, you will be able to easily use our site. What’s more, support is only a phone call or an email away. (though we’re betting you won’t need it).

Do you have payment plans?

Payments are monthly with no lock-in contract, so if the membership doesn’t work for you, you can pause / cancel your subscription at any time. No questions asked.

Can I access the training from anywhere?

Yes. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the training anytime, anywhere.

Why $79 per month?

If you’re thinking “$79 per month is cheap for coaching…what’s the catch?” then here are two reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. We’re on a mission to fill the world with great managers and $79 per month puts our expertise within the reach of everyone…from supervisors and team leaders to directors and even CEOs. (And at $79, you shouldn’t have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.) 😉

2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want to work with those serious about succeeding in their management roles.

We also believe that once you experience our MasterClass membership, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…one day you’ll even upgrade to our Great Managers Academy where you get access to our industry-leading training program that guarantees behavioural and cultural change in your organisation.

How long will it take to get access?


Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide upon purchase.  You will have unlimited access to the library of MasterClass recordings and begin to receive VIP invites to the monthly live MasterClass.