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Managing People

Managing People – How Does A Great Manager Do It?

Managing People in Business

Managing People is often considered one of the most challenging aspects of a Managers responsibility. People are different. Their preferences for leadership & communication styles can vary as widely as their responses to different forms of motivation. However, a Great Manager knows that that effectively managing people through establishing a system of management that leverages the strengths of each individual, and sets a clear vision of how they each contribute to achieving the goals and vision of the organization, is their single most critical task.


How To Motivate Staff

How To Motivate StaffThe ability to Motivate Staff is critical in retaining talent and is often not done well. To motivate staff, a manager needs to be flexible, adaptable and educated in approach. Great Managers are not lazy or stuck in old management paradigms saying things like “they should think themselves lucky to have a job” or “do it because I said so”. They are open to new information, curious and astute and know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work. The world has moved on – what used to motivate staff for previous generations no longer works or results in compliance at best rather than commitment.


Managing Performance

Managing Performance – Critical Conversations

Managing PerformanceAfter more than 20 years of working in the management development space I am absolutely certain that one of the missing skill sets in most managers when managing performance is the ability to have the critical conversations. There is so much time and money wasted on conflict and difficult situations that could be avoided if managers knew how to have the right conversations and skilfully manage differences of style and opinion, which are normal aspects of human nature. Having the right conversations starts with clear communication. The ability to send a clear message, listen really well and ask effective questions sounds very basic, like Management Skills 101, however I never cease to be amazed at how poor most managers are in applying these ultra-important skills.


Skills For Managers

Skills for Managers to be More Successful

Skills for managersDeciding on the most critical skills for managers is an essential task for any business. Managers make sure that the business operates as it should and that everything gets processed efficiently and effectively. Without the right skills for managers in place, organizations flounder and may not even survive. Some of the most important skills for managers are analyzed here.