How to Create Employee Connections… Without More Meetings

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According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup, companies with high employee engagement rates are 21% more profitable. So no matter your industry, business size, or economic climate, high engagement always creates a positive effect… and before you can increase your engagement, you need strong employee connections.

However, establishing and maintaining connections have become more challenging since the pandemic. Many are still working fully or partially from home. And while communication is a lot easier than ever, it’s becoming evident that frequent Zoom calls are not enough!

So, how do you reignite employee connections in this current situation?

Host Virtual Games, Shows, and Classes

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From weekly Tik Tok challenges to trivia games to Netflix watch parties to scavenger hunts, there are various ways to add some spice to your online gatherings.

Try to make the virtual culture more exciting by creating it with them.

The techniques of other companies may not be suitable for your employees, so it’s better to include them in designing the activities.

Managers can then refine their ideas and ensure that these align with the company goals and values.

Send Fun and Thoughtful Care Packages

Many companies specialising in virtual company events sprouted last year, and one of them is TeamBuilding–which also offers care packages that contain items related to select themes.

Packages containing tiny campfires, detective equipment, cocktail sets etc., can spur the interest of employees.

You can choose from 22 unique virtual activities that have gained over 22k reviews from high profile organisations like Google, Apple, Amazon, NASA, etc.

Celebrating accomplishments, milestones, and holidays is another way to demonstrate managerial capability. 

Depending on your budget and company culture, care package themes include:

  • Self-Care Pamper Pack
  • Home Office Essentials
  • Picnic Set
  • Plant Care Package
  • Snacks + Wine Package
  • Eco-friendly Care Package

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So you no longer have to put these packages together yourself because these specialised companies will do the heavy lifting for you!

You can also check out this handy guide on corporate gifting


Reinforce Your Purpose

Many jobs are routine, especially now that there are no out-of-town business trips, corporate parties, and pantry chats.

Employees may experience exhaustion about doing the same activities 5 to 6 days a week and start to question their choices.

Make it a point to remind them of your purpose.

For example, are you providing delivery services to help vulnerable population access necessities without leaving their homes?

Are you an organisation that’s working to protect plant and animal species from extinction?

Are you a grocery store providing jobs for low-income single parents?

Remind them their work also supports a community.

Create a Culture of Connectedness

Humans are designed to seek connection, which is why it’s essential to make employees feel included.

It’s vital to recognise that they’re more than contributors to the company’s success but are also people with stories, interests, ideas, and humour.

According to Hayes Thomas, CEO of Novalease,

“As a manager, I make sure that the office environment is safe and authentic for employees to share their thoughts.

We do it by having some light-hearted conversations in between meetings to ease any tension.”

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Next Steps

The pandemic has dramatically shifted the office environment, creating new challenges for managers. 

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