This month’s MasterClass topic is How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Teams (which leads on from the recent MasterClass on Building Trust In Teams)

Emotional Intelligence is a major factor in the levels of success we achieve individually and in teams.

In this MasterClass extract, we discuss;

1. What is Emotional Intelligence?

2. Why it’s important to develop Emotional Intelligence in teams

3. 5 Steps to help you build an Emotionally Intelligent Team


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[Video Transcription Below]

Today’s MasterClass is on building Emotional Intelligence in teams.

In this MasterClass what I’m going to show you will enable you to use a process to deliberately and intentionally build emotional intelligence in your teams.

It will also focus on the link between Emotional Intelligence and the results your team or organisation will achieve.


So I’ll briefly take you through a definition of Emotional Intelligence so we’re all on the same page.

We’re also going to cover why you need Emotional Intelligence in your team and how to skillfully and deliberately build Emotional Intelligence in your team.

Emotional Intelligence Defined

build emotional intelligenceWhat is Emotional Intelligence?

Daniel Goleman’s definition of Emotional Intelligence is:

“The capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions well in our relationships.”

He is perhaps one of the most well-known authors and researchers around Emotional Intelligence.

Here’s my summary version of that. This is what I tend to use when I’m working with groups around Emotional Intelligence.

I describe Emotional Intelligence as:

The ability to manage your emotions intelligently and the ability to skillfully integrate your thoughts and emotions. Understanding that logic and emotions work best together not in isolation.

Why Build Emotional Intelligence in Your Team?

The most important reason to deliberately build Emotional Intelligence in your team is that it will improve team effectiveness.

build emotional intelligence,results,success You’ll get better decisions, you’ll get more creative solutions, you’ll get better relationships and you will get higher productivity. And from that comes improved results.

5 Steps to Build Emotional Intelligence in Your Team

1 – Know Your Team Members

What I suggest is that first know your team members and where they at.

You need to know what their strengths are and where are they at where do they need a little bit of development.

I often recommend you create a development plan for each person.

Everyone’s working on one thing. For example, someone might be working on improving their listening.  Another might be working on stepping up and talking in front of a group. Or someone might be working on being less dominating.

2- Discuss Team Identity build emotional intelligence

The next thing is you want to discuss your team identity. Ask “How do we want to be known as a team? ”

I was working with a team recently who’s initials were CSI (nothing to do with the TV show) but they reference the show by saying; “We want to be known as a “crack team” like the CSI team on TV”.

3 – Set Ground Rules

The next thing you want to do is set your Ground Rules or Team Charter about what is acceptable and what is not in terms of behaviour.

Make sure you get the team involved. Your values can be used here as well, looking at how your values play out in behaviour.

4 – Get Commitment

You want to get a commitment to continuous improvement and growth as a team.

You want them all on board about this and saying: “We’re all committed to growing as a team.”

Also discuss how you will call team members out on errant behaviour, where team behaviour is outside the acceptable norm.

Final Note

Don’t try doing these 5 steps all at once but think about them as a great way to plant the seeds for building Emotional Intelligence in your team.