List of Leadership Skills that are the Key to your Success


Understanding and developing great leadership skills is one of the factors that differentiates highly effective people from those that just plod along in their careers and lives. Excellent leadership and management skills will serve you well in building up a successful career and impressing those around you, as well as enabling you to get great results from your teams. Below, we provide and describe the most essential and fundamental list of leadership skills.

List of Leadership Skills


inconsistency,consistency,management,list of leadership skillsOne of the key leadership skills that good leaders learn to master relatively early on is the ability to be consistent. That means acting consistently, treating people consistently and having consistent expectations. This often requires a high level of Self-Awareness and Self-Management.


Employees enjoy consistency because they can feel as though they will be treated in the same way as others are treated, creating an environment where fairness is valued and trust is developed. This, in turn, enhances employee engagement. There is proof that Employee engagement creates increased productivity, profitability and staff retention! The leadership skills of fairness and consistency are essential for a high performing team.

Being a Team Player

Another important one in this list of leadership skills is being able to not just talk the talk but also walk the talk.

Employees tend to copy what they see from their leader, so it is critical that leaders do what they say the employees must do themselves.Leadership Skills are team skills,list of leadership skills For example, if the leader says that employees must be on time and then always shows up half an hour late themselves, then the employees will think, “Well, the leader is always late, so it’s obviously not all that important,” and they will start showing up late as well.

This example demonstrates that one essential area of leadership skills is being able to commit to doing the right thing. At times, this will also mean demonstrating this commitment by jumping in and helping with the task at hand so that promises can be kept. This has a positive knock-on effect as it also shows employees how to be supportive towards one another as well.

Leadership & Motivation

Strategic Leadership Skills,list of leadership skillsA perhaps more difficult and intangible leadership skill to master is that of inspiring others and understanding how to motivate employees.

Much research has been carried out into motivation, and good leaders know that different people are motivated by different things. Some people, though relatively few, are motivated by money. Far more are motivated by achievement, recognition and responsibility.

Good leadership skills involve being able to get to the bottom of what motivates each and every person through excellent communication and perception, as well as empathy. Importantly, good leaders know how to actively listen. When you have mastered these particular leadership skills, you are then in an excellent position to be able to encourage the team to achieve and exceed, objectives through motivating each individual and understanding what they need to be inspired at work.

The Most Critical Leadership Skills for Success

leadership,management,list of leadership skillsPerhaps the most important leadership skills of all are those of Self-Awareness and Self-Management. These skills are so foundational, so important, that your effectiveness as a Leader and your ability to develop other leadership competencies is significantly improved when they are part of your growth.

A Leader’s ability to give feedback, skilfully manage critical conversations, develop motivate and engage staff and set clear expectations is directly related to their awareness of their own management style, their strengths, weaknesses and their ability to manage themselves, leveraging their strengths and minimising the impact of their weaknesses. Build Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence and you will lead more effectively and get more from the people around you.

Develop Your Leadership Know-How, Succeed in Life

Great Managers AcademyThere has been much debate about whether leaders are naturals or if it is possible to learn leadership skills. In fact, no one is a born leader. We all learn & develop our Leadership skills to varying levels from the time we are very young. The good news is that you can learn this list of leadership skills with a bit of time, patience and commitment.

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