How To Build Your Confidence as a Manager

Be confident. You Got This!

Build Confidence through Self Awareness & knowing where you're headingConfidence…Why do some people seem to have it in abundance and others seem to constantly seek it? And just how do you build confidence anyway?

How do you Build Confidence and succeed in the volatile and complex world of business!?

Well, the way to boost confidence in yourself is, in many ways, the same as you would create confidence in getting from point A to point B on a map. An understanding or awareness of the route will increase your confidence that you can make it from A to B.

Similarly, an understanding or awareness of your Personality and your Strengths will increase confidence, because you will know how they are applicable and beneficial to you in the real world.

Successful people are self-aware and have SELF-BELIEF.
They build confidence from that awareness and it feeds their self-belief.

Self-Awareness is the underpinning skill for all the other emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, relationship skills and managing emotions. It is the essential first stage of exploring and coming to appreciate your strengths and building confidence in your ability to use them.

Self-awareness helps increase confidence as you tune-in to yourself and others’ – emotion, thoughts, behaviour. It is a skill that can be developed at any age and like all skills it takes practice. Experts propose that an understanding of distinctive Personality Styles and Strengths can improve self-awareness and when we understand ourselves better, our self confidence can improve. From this improved self-confidence comes an enhanced self-identity and strong self belief, which are extremely significant factors for success.

What we believe about ourselves impacts our thinking, the actions we take and the outcomes we are achieving in life. Build greater levels of confidence by building awareness of yourself now and the person you would like to be. Then simply behave as if it is already the case. If you would like to be more confident, start by behaving in a way that you perceive reflects the confidence you desire. Build confidence by taking small steps outside your comfort zoneTake small steps outside your comfort zone. Come back to it if you must, but you’ll know that you made it out and back, safe and sound. And the boundaries of your comfort zone will have just expanded. Develop confidence one step at a time.

Build Confidence in Your Ability to Inspire

Confidence gained through self-awareness and self-belief is not brash or boastful – it is not about being perfect, in fact, it is the opposite of this. Confidence is not Arrogance.

Powerful self-awareness and self-belief will develop confidence that is quiet. It will create a presence that is noticeable and quite often, inspiring to others.

Great Managers build confidence in themselves AND in others.