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If you have ever been to a one or two day training session you will most likely have experienced the information overload they can cause.

The content is great and often a brief shift in behaviour occurs, but pretty soon you’re back to your old habits and the learning (and your investment in the training) has been lost.

The truth is, information is only powerful when it is applied. At Great Managers®, we are committed to helping you APPLY your learning to develop new People Management Skills & expertise that you can use in your organisation on a day to day basis, creating HABITS that will elevate you to a position where people recognise you as a Great Manager!

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Our full courses are delivered over a period of months, in weekly 30 min to 1 hour blocks.

This is an ideal structure for adult learning and application, which leads to the development of skills. These are skills and habits that will clearly set you apart from 95% of other Managers and Organisations.

Applied consistently, the Return On Investment in this type of learning is well in excess of 100X. Given the importance of People Management in optimizing successful business, we would argue that it is virtually PRICELESS!

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The Great Managers® Program Course Outline

Week 1 - Introduction & Welcome

This Introductory lesson helps you get Your Leadership Goals identified UP FRONT, help you become oriented with your Membership and Online Learning Portal and start you off with an overview of what you are about to learn using the Great Managers® Leadership Model.

Set your goals and let’s get started!

Weeks 2 - 5 - The Emotionally Intelligent Manager Part 1

Strategy 1 - Great Managers® Know Themselves

This is the Foundational Strategy that sets you up with a great base to build other skills. Identify and understand your style as a leader, identify your strengths and areas for development as well as becoming aware of the impact your style can have on others.



Weeks 6 - 8 - The Emotionally Intelligent Manager Part 2

Strategy 2 - Great Managers® Apply the skill of Self Management

As a leader you set the tone for ALL others to follow. It is the Leadership style and example set that creates the culture in any organisation. Learn to stay cool and calm under pressure, establishing yourself as a role model with a range of skills and techniques to manage thoughts and emotions and become a resilient and resourceful Leader. This strategy helps you manage stress more effectively, make better decisions, and develop your emotional intelligence and self-mastery.



Weeks 9 - 12 - The Fearless Communicator Manager

Strategy 3 - Great Managers® Have the Critical Conversations

Managers are responsible for the performance of their people and the results they achieve, so there are times when conversations around behaviour, performance, culture, goals or strategy, among other things, become Critical.

We show you how to master this essential leadership skill and build professional relationships that get results.


Weeks 13 - 15 - The High Performance Manager

Strategy 4 - Great Managers® Set Clear Expectations

The key to achieving goals for you and your people is ensuring that each individual knows what is expected of them and how that fits into the overall objectives of the organisation. If this skill set is missing there are a lot of errors, re-work and confusion and these cost you a fortune in terms of lost time and damaged relationships.

Weeks 16 - 18 - The Motivating Manager

Strategy 5 - Great Managers® Develop, Motivate & Engage Staff

There are many ways to develop, motivate and engage staff but many managers do not know where to start with this.

We’ll show you HOW, based on the latest research, and using a range of techniques that will bring out the best in each individual in your team. Employment engagement is essential for a healthy bottom line in any business.


Weeks 19 - 22 - The Systematic Manager

Strategy 6 - Great Managers® Use Systems to get Results.

Effective management is a combination of people + processes. Learn ways to use existing systems and put new systems in place that will improve consistency, customer experience, employee behaviour and engagement and lead to productivity improvements.


Weeks 23 - 25 - The Talent Manager

Strategy 7 - Great Managers® Recruit for Talent & Cultural Fit

Hiring and Firing is expensive, so learn the skills and processes to get it right the first time. Think about recruitment as an important investment, get clear on who and what you’re really looking for, focus on talent and cultural fit and you will be ahead of the game.


Week 26 - Program Summary and Wrap Up

We wrap it all up with a brief assessment, pulling all of the learning together to ensure the skills and techniques you’ve been learning and applying have formed into Great Managers® habits.

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See What You GetAs A Great Manager® Academy Member



  • Focused on the development of practical skills that allow Managers to get better results with People
  • Affordable and Great Value
  • Accessible, anytime, anywhere
  • Focused on developing one skill at a time
  • Delivered steadily allowing application and practice
  • Designed to make the learning "stick"
  • Based on training modules that have proven successful with 1000’s of leaders in business
  • Designed to help you GET RESULTS
  • Delivered in convenient weekly, 30-60min Lessons
  • Designed to allow you to maintain maximum productivity during business hours while developing your people management capacity


  • They do not take your managers off the job to attend training
  • They do not result in additional expenditure on accommodation or travel to seminars
  • They are not full of Leadership theory that does not support the development of skills and habits
  • They are not purely based on delivering lots of content, causing information overload
  • They are not run over consecutive business days or even hours
  • They are not a short term expense that delivers no long term benefits

(We take the Long Term View on Leadership Development, knowing that this is the only way learning is retained and behaviour is changed)

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