What if you could access Convenient, Affordable, Comprehensive People Management Training that will give you the skills to get the best from your people, your career and your organisation for less than $20 per week?

Great Managers® MasterClass Membership

Great Managers® MasterClass Membership gives you exclusive access to a Management and Leadership Community loaded with training materials to help you get the best from your people and your career. You can join other business owners, managers and leaders in a community that will provide coaching, training and tips that will solve the Managers dilemma – How To Get The Best From Your Employees and your Team

Who Is This For?

If you are not seeing the success that you know is possible, or;

  • you are frustrated with your teams performance
  • you are just not sure how to get the best from people
  • you’ve tried to motivate your team but nothing seems to work
  • you are confused about “how people work”
  • you’ve ever said “its so hard to find good people
  • you’re not sure how to deal with office conflict
  • you are already getting results and you want to take your management and leadership skills to the next level

Then This Is For YOU!

If you want direct access to Leadership and People Management expert Sandra Wood, who has trained literally 1000's of managers to fix problems just like the ones above, then you are in luck.

If You Want To Learn How To Get The Best From Your People.

The Great Managers® MasterClass community is designed for managers and organisations who are serious about Leadership and who understand that Leadership and Cultural Change does not occur as a result of a 1 or 2 day event.

It is ideal for Business Owners, Executives, Managers and Team leaders who want to improve the results they’re getting with from their employees and for busiensses who want to achieve Positive, Lasting Behavioural and Cultural Change within their organisation.

This training is ideal for experienced and aspiring Manager alike, from CEO and Managing Director to employees identified as being talent your organisation wants to keep. Engage your team, build a common leadership language, feel the difference in your organisation.

Why Join

Being part of a community and having access to an expert speeds up your learning process and provides you the support you need to get results much faster than going it alone. If you have ever been to a management training Event (like a 1-2 day course), you’ll know that the learning doesn’t always stick.

Great Managers Membership gives you the opportunity to take the long term view on leadership so you develop skills that make a difference to the success you have with people and with your business or career

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What Do You Get As A Great Managers® MasterClass Member?

You get monthly training on how to get the best from people.

You get to spend time with Leadership and People Management Expert, Sandra Wood each month, learning how to motivate your staff, build a high performing team and bring out the best in yourself and the people in your business or organisation.

You get instant access to many video modules, audio modules and PDF’s which are either paid training products or live training collateral specifically developed, through years of research and course design experience, by Sandra, to give you the skills to get the best from your team.

New training is added constantly. Whenever Sandra develops new material anywhere in the world you can be sure a copy will be added inside our private members area soon after.

Live Monthly MasterClass Training

Members from around the globe meetup LIVE online to be coached by Leadership and People Management expert, Sandra Wood, each month. The recordings are added to the community after they are completed.


Your chance to get direct access to the Experts with Monthly Coaching and Mentoring. People Join For This Alone!

  • Monthly MasterClass - the latest in People Management strategies with Sandra
  • Monthly Mentoring - Direct Access to the Expert to brainstorm challenges and generate solutions
  • Learn & connect with other Great Managers
  • Deepen your knowledge and really stand out from the crowd
  • Instant Access to the entire MasterClass Leadership Training library

PLUS! You Will Gain Immediate Access To The MasterClass Series of Training Modules which includes;

  • Creating Your Leadership Brand – Who are you as a Leader, how do you want to be perceived
  • How to Make Change and Learning Stick – Develop yourself and your Team
  • How To Build Trust In Teams – Trust is the pre-curser for engagement and performance
  • How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Teams – EI, The foundation of mature, stable, high performing teams
  • How to Motivate and Retain the Generations – Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y – keep them all engaged and performing
  • Networking Like a Boss – How to be great at networking, whether you love it or loathe it
  • Dealing With Defensiveness – How to manage performance in defensive people
  • Positive Performance and Emotional Tone – How to improve the VIBE amongst your people
  • How to Use Recognition To Engage Your Team – Employee Engagement = $$$$. Here’s how.
  • Regular live training each month – All the best topics. Sandra Wood hosts a Live MONTHLY webinar where you can participate.
  • New training modules added all the time – Cant make the live training? We got you covered. All sessions are posted online for you to watch or listen to anytime you like
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Who Is Sandra Wood?

Hi, I’m Sandra Wood. 🙂

Running my own restaurant at the age of 25 really provided some stark learnings about the realities of business and the relationship between people management and success. It was then that my passion for Leadership and quality people management was truly ignited. After studying Human Resources and Adult Education at University, I went on to hold senior Human Resources and Organisational Development roles in significant organisations in both the public and private sector.

Since starting my own Leadership and Management Consultancy in 2002, “I have advised 100’s of CEO’s, HR and L&D professionals and Managers on how to improve the leadership capability and people management skills in their organisations, many of whom have gone on to be ranked in the top 10% of their peers and I am passionate about sharing that expertise and advice with you to get similar results”.

Some of my clients include: Goodman Fielder, IAG, Westpac, Bloch International, Telstra,

Cat Media, Grant Thornton, Moore Stephens, St Hilliers, Phebra, ScottCorp and Elton Consulting. Government clients include Fair Trading, Premier & Cabinet, Centennial Parklands, Transport NSW, Public Works, Waverley Council, Byron Shire Council, Marrickville Council and many others.

Sandra Wood

As a Leadership and People Management Expert I have helped literally 1000's of Managers to increase their ability to get the best from their staff and hence, their business. This program has been proven time and time again and I can guarantee that if you apply what I teach, you will be so far ahead of the game that success will most surely follow.

Sandra Wood, Great Managers®

As seen in...

Why was The Great Managers® Master Class Membership created?

I’m on a Mission to Fill the World with Great Managers!

I’ve trained literally 1000’s of Managers and I wanted ONE place where I could share all of my experience and expertise then focus all of my energy on developing students into success stories. I have successfully coached senior executives for the past fifteen years with an excellent reputation. Ask around you will see… and I wanted to create a place where I could help more managers become Great Managers to achieve my mission.

How Much is Great Managers® Master Class Membership?

You invest just $79 per month* for as long as you wish to stay a member.

That is less than $20 per week to learn skills that will take you and your business to the top and help keep you there.

You can stop access anytime you like by contacting support. The majority of our members stick around for the long haul since the value gained from applying what they learn as a member is significantly more than the admission investment.

(*Price excludes gst)

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Ask Our Team...

  • q-iconHow long is each lesson?

    Each lesson runs for between 30minutes and 1hr. We deliberately keep them short to a) eliminate information overload and b) make it easy for you to learn the skills in bite-sized chunks (the best way to learn)

  • q-iconHow do I access the lessons?

    When you become a Great ManagersŽ MasterClass Member, you will be issued with a User Name and Password. Simply use these to log in at members.greatmanagers.com to access your training and all of your resources.

  • q-iconCan I access the program from anywhere?

    Yes. As long as you have a reasonable internet connection, you can access the training anytime, day or night.

  • q-iconI’m not that computer savvy. How technical is the membership site?

    Our site is very easy to use. If you can access the Internet, you will be able to easily use our site. What’s more, support is only a phone call or an email away. (though we’re betting you wont need it)

  • q-iconWhat type of Manager joins the Great Managers Academy?

    We’re not looking to attract old school managers who think the best way to deal with challenging people is to fire them. Inside our MasterClass you will only find dedicated managers who are committed to improving themselves as leaders because they know that they are responsible for getting results and they can only get results through people. We are not a community that supports bullying or any type of poor management practice in the name of profit. We promote the idea of building real, practical leadership skills that allow us to get the best from the people we engage with in our professional and personal lives so that we might all benefit over the long term.

  • q-iconWill I get results in a very fast time without any effort?

    No. You will have to put in the effort to practice and apply what you learn. I can help you with great coaching and information but you will get the results you deserve. Nobody is going to instantly respond to you as a leader unless you get real about your relationships with others and put in the energy required to apply to tools that you will receive in the Great ManagersÂŽ MasterClass.

  • q-iconCan I get a refund after I download all of the goodies?

    No. The Great Managers MasterClass is a monthly subscription and there are no refunds. Within minutes of ordering you will be able to watch all of the modules above and gain access to our knowledge and expertise. None of the content is ‘drip fed’ – you get the lot straight away. There is no un-doing that once you access the members area.

    You are on a journey that will make you stand out from the crowd as a managers and put you on the faster track to results. Besides that I know you will be happy with the coaching and community aspect of Great Managers MasterClass Membership. In my experience people who take personal responsibility succeed more.