How to Influence Action and Increase Productivity in Your Team


Getting your team to proactively take action is an important skill that every leader must learn how to master. Getting people to carry out tasks or behave in a certain way increases productivity and efficiency, and these are needed for effective teamwork. The good news is that there are many ways to influence action in others that managers can adopt.

How to Influence ActionWays to Influence Action


Set Clear Expectations

One of the best ways to influence others to take action is to Set Clear Expectations and follow through by always doing what you say you will. It is surprising how many managers say one thing, do another and then do not understand why employees behave in the same way!

Walking the walk is just as important as talking the talk, and that’s because actions often speak louder than words. In a leadership position, employees will be closely noting that your behaviour is what’s considered acceptable because you just endorsed it with your own actions.



Encourage Collaboration

Encouraging Collaboration is another one of the ways to influence positive action in your employees.

Getting a meeting going where everyone shares ideas openly and freely with one another can create a passion that inspires action in others, as great ideas bounce off one another and lead to even better approaches.

Prompting action in meetings can often be an effective way to encouraging the desired behaviours compared to doing it 1 on 1. The team will often put peer pressure on one another to follow through on actions, especially if you can facilitate buy-in and a shared agreement with the team.


WIIFY – What’s In It For You?

Finally, one of the best ways to get people to do things is to figure out what they gain by taking that action. When you ask them to do something, they will be thinking “What’s in it for me?” If you have a subtle answer for this at the ready, this can help to motivate them to take the action that you need them to.


Improve your Great Managers® skills and you’ll be able to influence action that will create motivation, engagement and ultimately, success!